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Vibration Plate with Seat (DS-K01-1)
Product ID: DS-K01-1

ELLIPTICAL: This is most benign form of vibration that lends itself likely to be the best modality to stimulate the proprioceptive system. This is our innate balance system, which stabilizes the body and equilibrium. Elliptical Vibration works great for the elderly user with balance issues and circulation problems and who wants to increase their daily activities. Many of these users have been sedentary for a number of years and are often frightened by the intensity of vertical or oscillating units. This is also the preferred type of unit for stroke patients or other CNS issues.


In these units, the motion is created by a vertical placed motor that has uneven centrifugal plates attached to it. Thus it produces the elliptical motion of the plate into the various directions since it is the kindest form of vibration; it is the perfect type of WBV for the senior or user under 150lbs body weight!