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Crazy Fit (DS-V01-O)

OSCILLATING: The motor drives a toggle mechanism that elevates on side of the platform, then the other side, sometimes described as a teeter-totter motion. Slow motion filming of in the thigh, hip and abdominal areas show the incredible wave motion of subcutaneous fat, lending credence to the weight-loss / trimming ability of this modality. It contributes greatly to lymphatic drainage and activates the core muscles. It's great for patients who suffer from lumbar, sacroiliac issues, core muscle weakness or generally have not exercised a lot over the last few years.


Perfect units for use at home for users who want to get their system stimulated, start exercising, and get moving. Also great for increasing the metabolism! It is the perfect type of vibration for the baby boomer ad not-so athletic user who is interested in getting started and wants to feel better quickly.





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